We are one of the leading placement consultants and strive to provide best possible manpower solutions to our clients. India is a hub of multi faceted diverse and highly talented manpower in all spectrums of varied fields. We are proud to contribute by providing best talent. We assist organizations in providing manpower from executive to top managerial level.
Support from our clients
For achieving the best possible result as per the requirement of our clients we expect from them a clear Job description and timely feedback, as both of them help us to act promptly & efficiently in providing quick results.

Search for your Career: Our aim is to give everyone involved with Career Guideline the opportunity to improve their situation, be it at work, at home, in leisure activities or in life.

We are the world leader in connecting people both globally and locally with the talent they need and the work that they want.

We seek those motivated to make change and know that, as partners we can help them to shape and achieve their personal and professional goals.

We offer life skills, career progression and specialized expertise. We continually seek new approaches and we partner with the best trainers. We use technology to create real advantages. We want associates and clients to truly benefit from working with us and we continually invest to sustain our position as innovators.

Our responsibility is to connect people both globally and locally.  To accomplish this, we must be easily accessible by our clients and associates at all times.  We must provide them with a thorough understanding of how we can work with them and the services that we offer.

We encourage the situation where individuals have greater choice and want to work with a partner who demonstrates they have the relationships and skills that fit their exact requirements.   We are confident that, as Career Guideline, we will help to inspire our colleagues, clients and associates to achieve.
Code of conduct:  The importance of work, and what we do to help people find it, cannot be overstated. Work can define who we are. It can give purpose and meaning to our lives. It permits us to apply our talents to contribute to society. It is essential for our personal and financial well-being. It is the means by which we can each realise our dreams.

Our success in helping others realise their dreams is based upon the trust and loyalty they have in us. Trust and loyalty are the most precious assets in any business, but it cannot be bought or manufactured, it must be earned.

We are dedicated to earning the trust and loyalty of our associates, clients, customers, shareholders, the communities in which we operate and one another, by performing our work in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct and our core values of Team Spirit, Customer Focus, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship.